Lewis Dagger
Lewis Dagger
  • Category of Experts:Research Institutions
  • Expert level: Star Experts
  • Areas of Expertise:Biological medicine
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Engaged in Orchard management, post-harvest processing and international marketing, has nearly 30 years of experience. Since 2003, Dagger has shifted his work to Yunnan, and in 2005, he has been living in Kunming to study the quality improvement technology of Yunnan's featured fruits, and to carry out market-oriented development. In 2007, in order to further deepen cooperation, dagger abandoned New Zealand's work and generous treatment, accepted the long-term employment proposal of Yunnan Red Pear Technology development Company, served as a consultant to the general manager, responsible for the company's strategic development research and fruit export logistics and international market development and consolidation, in February that year won the title and certificate of economic foreign experts. 
Industry & Expertise:Cultivation and marketing of agricultural products.
Related Strength:Orchard Management, post-harvest processing, international marketing